Special meals


The chef and his team try to create the food offering in accordance with modern kitchen technologies and the currently prevailing gastronomic trends and principles, so a vegetarian meal in the broader sense (no fish or meat, but allowing dairy products and eggs) and a gluten-free meal that tolerates cross-contamination is provided in our hotel. The chef and the cooks can also prepare food that meets the dietary needs of our lactose-intolerant guests, if our lactose-intolerant guests indicate this in advance. In case of other special meals (e.g. paleolithic, kosher, halal) or a diet suitable for a diet, additional consultation is absolutely necessary before your arrival. In addition to the allergens indicated as ingredients, our foods may contain traces of additional allergens (due to cross-contamination). 

In case of special meal requests, you can contact our F&B Manager, Tamás Horváth, on the phone number +36 70 666 75 58 or at the e-mail address tamas.horvath@otpfm.hu. We charge a surcharge for special meals, which is calculated individually for our guests in each case.

Buffet meals

For breakfast and dinner, our hotel awaits its guests with a buffet menu. Due to the number of staff, we provide plate service in case of low staff, this may occur in periods outside the main season.

A'la carte 

In the restaurant guests can choose from the menu for lunch from 12:00 a.m. until 14:00 p.m.

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